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Date January 02, 2006

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DANCING BARON. It must have been the richest congaline ever assembled on New YearŐs Day. Some of the worldŐs wealthiest, guests of the five-star Sandy Lane Hotel, put their cares aside and mingled with Barbadians while enjoying great food, drink and an exhibition of some of the islandŐs best talent. There was fire-eating, tuk band music, stiltwalkers, the Landship, belly dancers, Mother Sally, and several costumed dancers depicting the various elements of Crop-Over, as they danced to sweet calypso rhythms played by backing band Rhapsody. Then guests converged on the dance floor, formed a congaline and had a ball, as demonstrated by Baron de Rothschild, who was fascinated by this Bajan dancer. (Picture by Gregory Waldron.)

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